Saturday, January 31, 2015

Halden at 7 Months!

When people say time flies…they mean it! I can’t believe he is already this big and I feel like I say that every single day! But this kid, my goodness, growing like a weed! However his teeth are not. They are tough little buggers to get in. You can tell the days they are bothering him, not just by his crankiness, but by the massive amounts of drool coming out of his mouth. Luckily he usually doesn’t get a ring of drool around his clothes, I attribute that to his amazing ability to lean over and drool. Because he is basically sitting like a pro! He’ll still tip over every now and then, but I think it’s because he’s trying to get mobile and doesn’t quite know how to get from sitting, down to his belly.

As far as food goes, nothing has changed. He still pounds down anything and everything! He still loves his puffs and tries little pieces of most everything we have for dinner. It’s really made me realize how much dairy we eat. Haha He did have his first little taste of ice cream at Dickeys and he was a fan to say the least. We only gave him a bite but he kept wanting to go back for more. Anytime we are eating and he isn’t, he is sure to let us know by letting out a little “eh eh eh eh eh” over and over again until something is in his mouth. Even if he already ate and is stuffed, he thinks he needs it. I think his absolute favorite thing though, are the little purees with the squeeze top. He downs them so fast, especially if he’s hungry, they’ll be gone before we’re down with prayer. He also started drinking trying to drink out of a sippy. He is having a hard time understanding that he has to tip it. So he usually takes it laying down. But then he ends up basically drowning. Haha He’ll get it soon though, I’m sure. I have faith in him.

I have to start being very particular about where I sit him, because if a cord is within arm’s reach, it is in his mouth in half a second! This kid is seriously fast. One day I went into the bathroom to throw something away and as we were walking out his hands swung out and knocked EVERYTHING over and he just about picked up half of it. Speaking of picking up….those hands!!! I have no doubt that he will be palming a ball when he is very young. For a while now (a few months) he’s been able to hold things in one hand and pass them between the two. And now, he can pick up very large things and palm them without even thinking about it.

Speaking??? Yes, he is doing it….kind of. Haha His favorite thing to say is, “dadadadada” so we just claim he’s talking to Tyler saying “dada”. Gurgling is also his thing. And in his eyes, tubby time=A+++++++. He is a splashing fool and loves to just play around. The bad thing is he has found out how to maneuver his food out of the slot and push against the center pole and launch himself into the water in about .2 seconds, so watching him (and usually keeping a hand on him) constantly is essential! Our love for this little guy…oh man. Words cannot do justice!

Also, his first Aggie Basketball game happened. He was a huuuuge fan. Between the band, the kids in front of us, people running around on the court, the mini Aggie dancers and the Scotsman, he was in heaven.  

A trip to Hu Hot in Jammies
Tyler had an open house at work so we went and saw all
the tractors. Halden loved it!! And the pancakes they served. But was
soooo tired after!

Still lovin on that balloon

Discovering the mirror on his exersaucer

He and Bolden are not quite too sure what to
think of each other...

Say cheese!

Addie wanted me to take a picture with her...

Blackberries, rice and corn are always a favorite...tortillas not so much

Yay for liking tubby time!!

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